Covid-19 Regulations

Update of rules & regulations for salon re-opening


Please be aware these guidelines may change once official safety recommendations are confirmed.
I have been working hard to make sure my treatment room complies with new restrictions so I can continue working safely and comfortably.



The new way of working requires the highest hygiene standards possible.
Clients will be asked to wash and dry their hands thoroughly on arrival, take their own coat off and put it on selected place. To remove shoes before entering the treatment room.
Hand sanitisers will be placed in visible areas around the treatment room in order to sanitise hands frequently. Mobile phones will not be allowed to be used during the treatment and if you have to use it, I will provide you with a sanitising wipe to clean your phone before you use it. Only one client is allowed in the treatment room so no friends or children can come with parents.


You can book your appointment via phone call, text message or email. I will require 2 weeks advance notice for bookings. Walk-ins are not accepted.


Virtual Consultations

Consultation prior to beauty treatment or permanent make-up is necessary, I have always preferred to provide these in person. With the changing times in order to minimise time spent in close proximity with the client I am now going to offer electronic consultation cards. Once you have booked your appointment, I will send you an electronic consultation card to your email. You will be required to fill it in and send it back to me 24 hours prior your appointment. For certain treatments like Microblading/Powder Brows I will require a videocall call with you so that I can see your skin and eyebrows in daylight. This can be done via: (Face time, WhatsApp, Zoom, Messenger way). Patch testing will be required and sent by post for LVL, Lash Extensions, Eyelash, Eyebrow tints and Permanent make-up) together with instructions. Once you have completed your patch test you will need to take a picture of it and send it back to me 48 hours prior your appointment.



Eyebrow waxes, Top lip waxes, Underarm waxes, Manicures are all smaller treatments, these will be changing from stand alone treatments to add on’s. This is due to fact I will need to sanitise and sterilise the treatment room and equipment 30 minutes after your appointment. Only bigger treatments of at least 60 minutes treatment time required will be booked due to effort to dedicate more time to providing higher-priced services and to avoid potentially spreading the virus.



From September 2020 you will be able to purchase products via my e-shop located on my website.

Feel free to ask me during an appointment about the products, they will be available to buy together with your treatment on the day. I am also offering another option in order to minimise appointment time by providing a e-shop service. This will provide you with aftercare and all unique beauty products you can find specially here.



Due to new restrictions and guidelines I will be putting prices up. This will be 10% or less and only on certain treatments.


Loyalty Rewarded

I am putting a new reward system in place, for those clients who rebook with me once in a 6 weeks period will receive a present in form of a product after completion of their treatment.


Pre-Payments and Payments

If you book an appointment with a value of £50 or over a deposit 48 hours prior your appointment will be required. You can pay half the amount or full treatment value in order to save time on the


Online payments

Online transactions are accepted and the easiest way to pay.

Card payments- Contactless payments are possible (up to £30 but this may go higher due to Covid-19). Card reader is available for full payments and it will be sanitised after each transaction.
Cash payments are accepted and if you prefer this form of payment please bring the right amount so no change needs to be given back to avoid touching money.


Gift Vouchers

Vouchers are still available in printed form and come in an envelope, however an online form is available to make the process easier and contactless to avoid spreading the virus.
Please be aware vouchers do have an expiry time of 6 months from the day of purchase.